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This is where our products are different from most other products. As you can see, we haven’t gone for the fancy website. Instead we’ve opted for the simple approach, which is typical of our simple skincare products; straight to the point. We cut the jargon and let our products speak for themselves. We don’t need the smoke and mirrors. If anyone has any feed back, we’d like to hear it at info@gracefullilly.com

Are you having trouble with dry/flaky/lumpy skin? If so, we have the answer! Apply this great body scrub, twice a week, and feel the difference!! It’s not recommended to apply the body scrub to your face, because you may end up with crocodile-like skin. If the skin on your face is a problem, we suggest you try out face scrub.

“If you really enjoy using our scrubs, please take a photo of yourself doing so and you may -find yourself as our next model! ” Social Proof works!!

For tomorrow's new skin today.

Want fresh, new, baby-like skin?

At Graceful Lilly, we believe that natural is best. That’s why we will only use natural ingredients such as

real coffee grains, real chocolate, real cornflour, real brown sugar and real organichoney in our products.

Australian orders are FREE postage.

Please allow an additional $10 for international postage. For international orders of over $64 or over, FREE postage

Massage prices are half hour $40,  one hour $80, 1 and a half hours  $120

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